SS-Totenkopf “Pumpkinhead” Collar Tab for Enlisted Men and NCO’s Tunic Removed


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SS-Totenkopf “Pumpkinhead” Collar Tab for Enlisted Men and NCO’s. Excellent example being a well worn tunic-removed example. As you can see some of the black ink has bled into the white thread on this one and this will be at times seen as this was a function of the black fabric used. This example is machine embroidered on wlok and is known as the “Pumkinhead” pattern due to the shape of the head and is fairly desirable and has a good look. There is some separation at the front as you can see but I left it as I obtained it but one could easily restore it should they choose with some glue, however it looks great as is.  These versions always seem to be done on this “fluffy” almost fragile wool.

The 3rd SS-Panzer-Division “Totenkopf” started out early on in March of 1933 as a Concentration Camp guard unit -SS-Wachverbände – SS-Guard Units then SS-Totenkopfverbände – SS-Death’s Head Units and eventually grew in size to encompass a Waffen-SS division.  LH13123

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