Legacy Historical is committed to the preservation, acquisition and selling of the finest original World War Two and earlier military memorabilia. Everything sold is guaranteed to be original to the era stated and has been inspected for originality and integrity by John Telesmanich, noted appraiser and historian, who has contributed artifacts and information to over 30 books and articles on various subjects dedicated to historical militaria.

Legacy Historical was founded to further the goals shared by many collectors, enthusiasts and historians, those being the preservation of historical military artifacts from the conflicts of the 20th century and thereby the preservation of the memory of those who served.

Through the study of  thousands upon thousands of original artifacts in hand by visual and scientific means over many years, experience has been gained to make an informed evaluation as to what is “correct” and what is “bad” as collectors often term the real from the fake.

The study of the methods of manufacture of both the original and the replica items has been vital in helping to distinguish between the two.  Advances in technology have made the fakes better but have also helped at the same time in detecting fakes.  This remains as true today as it was in 1979 but with the sharing of correct information and study of original artifacts the collector remains informed.

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