SS STREIFENDIENST SS Provost Service Gorget


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SS STREIFENDIENST SS Provost Service Gorget.

The SS-STREIFENDIENST, or SS Provost Service was formed as required by a commander of an SS district for the duties of patrolling out of bound areas to see that SS men behaved themselves, were properly dressed, and were not seen in the streets, in uniform after midnight.  A patrol consisted of two or three men under the command of a senior non-commissioned officer. All members of this patrol wore this special gorget.  A good amount of men served in the SS STREIFENDIENST during large events such as the annual Nuremberg Rallies.  A reference is made to this special gorget in the NSDAP Organisationsbuch of 1936. This is an extremely rare gorget and it is in excellent condition.  This example is maker coded and RZM marked on the reverse center fitting. LH13079

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