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SS Runes Collar Tabs Factory Removed.  This is an original pair of tabs that were never completed and removed from the factory at the end of the war.

These SS Runic tabs are  in the near final stage of completion, the last phase being trimming and affixing to the buckram backing.  If for NCO use, they would receive no piping, but if for Officer use, they would be trimmed in the typical aluminum bullion twist. It is great to see items literally put down by the embroiderers as the allies advanced, leaving them on the tables and floor of the workshop. This SS insignia is part of a greater trove of cloth insignia souvenired from a clothing works by PFC Robert B. Heller in 1945, as the war was coming to a close and then bought by a picker in New Jersey and sold off to two persons (with actually two of my friends buying the entire lot of insignia between them). As a long time student of SS artifacts, it is particularly amazing to find bullion SS runic collar in mid-stage construction. I think only a very few advanced collections have ‘in process’ samples in their collection that inform cloth collectors of the “stages of work.”  I believe there were a total of about 20 to 24 of these tabs and for the most part they are all now in collections, I would have to see if I still have the images on my cell but I do believe images are on the WAF.  I obtained this pair from my friend who bought the majority from the picker to study and I am now offering it to be enjoyed by another enthusiast.  LH13336


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