SS Officer’s Buckle by “RZM SS 35/36”


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SS Officer’s Buckle by “RZM SS 35/36”. Early nickel-based example made by Overhoff and Cie in 1935. The first SS buckles were made by Overhoff and Cie and they were marked with the company name spelled out, then the next set soon after were marked with their RZM code “RZM 24”, and then they used their SS contract number 36 along with the year of manufacture and this continued until the war.  These early officer buckles were made in nickel, then they went to aluminum, then to zinc.  These examples in nickel are extremely rare as few of them survived and many probably ended up in the ground on various fronts and at that point when they were made the numbers were small to begin with.  This early piece would be a highlight of any collection and you just do not find them.  This is a double from my collection and I am parting with it.  This was pulled from the woodwork by me in 2023.  Extremely rare. The 35 indicates the year of production and 36 is the code for the maker.  Excellent. LH13351  OHM

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