“SS-Feldgendarmerie” EM/NCO’s Cufftitle


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“SS-Feldgendarmerie” EM/NCO’s Cufftitle. Thcis example is done in the “bevo-like” weave which is the only correct style. These pieces never had an RZM tag. 18 1/4 inches/ 46.3 cm.


The “SS-Feldgendarmerie”, (SS-Military Field Police), units were established in 1939 and drew the majority of its personnel from the civil Ordnungspolizei, (Order Police), as they were already familiar with policing regulations and tasks. Divisional sized units generally were assigned a company strength SS-Feldgendarmerie who were tasked with all aspects of security and traffic control immediately behind the front lines. Originally the SS-Feldgendarmerie personnel wore the Gothic script, army pattern Feldgendarmerie cufftitle, until a SS-Feldgendarmerie cufftitle was introduced in August 1942. The SS-Feldgendarmerie cufftitle was only manufactured in a unique, variant, BeVo-like weave. The SS-Feldgendarmerie cufftitle was abolished in November 1944.

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