Large Golden Party Badge by Deschler Number 84680


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Large Golden Party Badge by Deschler Number 84680.  30.30 mm diameter, 12.51 grams.  This piece was made by Deschler of Munich, correct letters and design, I will provide a COA at no charge if the buyer requests.


The Golden Party Badge (Goldenes Parteiabzeichen) was authorised by Adolf Hitler in a decree in October 1933. It was a special award be given to all Nazi Party members who had, as of 9 November 1933, registered numbers from 1 to 100,000 and unbroken Party membership. Other Golden Party Badges (with the initials ‘A.H.’ stamped on the reverse) were awarded at the discretion of Hitler to certain members of the party who merited special treatment. An identical badge was awarded each year on 30 January to persons who had shown outstanding service to the Nazi Party or State. Only 20,487 men and 1,795 women were actually approved for and awarded the badge (outside of the ones Hitler awarded at his discretion).  LH4625

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