Large German “Deutsche Reichsbahn” Railroad Eagle


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Large German “Deutsche Reichsbahn” Railroad Eagle. Absolutely superb and rare large size German “Deutsche Reichsbahn” Railroad Eagle that went on either a locomotive or passenger car. I have seen these railroad eagles in about 4 different sizes. The detail on this eagle is crisp and superb. The eagle is marked on the reverse to indicate the metal content on the back of the swastika. One of the things you like to study on the originals is how the bolts or cones on the back have been cut off. This piece had five cones on the back. At least four of these had screws threaded through them. It is possible that the fifth also had a screw threaded through the cone, although I can not see any evidence of this based on how the vet removed the eagle from where it was mounted. You can clearly see marks left by a saw where the cones were removed from the eagle. This was done to neatly remove the eagle from where it was mounted. It looks like the vet took some care in removing this item so as not to damage the eagle. The vet added two small holes that are not deep or detractive on each upper cone base where he applied some sort of assembly to mount the piece for display. The size of the piece is 28 1/2 inches wide by 16 inches high. This fine example has crisp detail. This is a superb piece that would be the highlight of any collection! (c) LH8280 OHA

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