Knight’s Cross of The Iron Cross Award Document – Afrikakorps – Walter Fromm


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Knight’s Cross of The Iron Cross Award Document – Afrikakorps – Walter Fromm. Knight’s Cross of The Iron Cross Award Document – Afrikakorps. KNIGHT’S CROSS OF THE IRON CROSS AWARD AND PRESENTATION FOLDER GIVEN TO WALTER FROMM, A FLAK ARTILLERY OFFICER IN NORTH AFRICA. A rare original document awarding the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross to Walter Fromm, Kommandeur und Hauptmann, I. Abteilung, Flak-Regiment 33, Luftwaffe, 4pp. (bi-fold) parchment, 14″ x 17″, bearing the artist executed signature of Adolf Hitler at bottom. The text of the document reads: “In the name of the German People I award Oberleutnant WALTER FROMM the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross Fuhrer Headquarters 5 July 1941 The Fuhrer and Supreme Commander of the Wehrmacht [Signed] Adolf Hitler”. The document is intricately hand-lettered in dark brown India ink, and Dietz’s name is rendered in raised gold paint. Also present is the red-brown leather presentation folder with gilt trim, the front cover bearing a large embossed gilt national eagle and swastika. The folder is flat and the red string is still intact and attached at both ends. The printed name of the distinguished maker of the ensemble, “FRIEDA THIERSCH”, is present on the bottom of the inside of the rear cover. Both the document and the covers are pierced in four locations: three across at top, and once in the upper-left quadrant. These mounting holes, about 3mm. wide, can be easily restored on the document, but have puckered the covers thereat, which also bear largely surface scuffs and a few small tears. These defects could be remedied as well. Overall, this historic document remains very good. Walter From (1910-1999) was born in Thuringia. Although the particulars of this award are not known by us, it is certain that I. Abteillung/Flak-Regiment 33, commanded by Fromm, fought with great distinction in North Africa, turning its 88s loose on British armor. The division fought on the Halfaya Pass on May 25, 1941, and was able to repulse a British tank attack. In June, the division again distinguished itself in its destruction of more than 80 British armored vehicles. Most likely Fromm received this award for his actions in those battles – he would also be awarded Iron Crosses 1st and 2nd Class. In May, 1943 the division was effectively destroyed in combat in Tunisia. Very few Knight’s Crosses were awarded in Africa.

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