German WWII Heer Army EM/NCO’s M34 Overseas Cap


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German WWII Heer Army EM/NCO’s M34 Overseas Cap. This is a very good service used condition example of a German WWII Heer Army EM/NCO’s M34 overseas cap (Schiffchen). The overseas cap, nicknamed in German military slang as Schiffchen, or literally “little ship” as it resembled an up-turned row-boat, was standard issue for all branches of the Heer/Army.

This example is constructed of a field gray (feldgrau) wool exterior, with an olive cotton lining. It features a fine BeVo style machine embroidered eagle, with white thread on a forest green base, the standard Heer colors. Below this is a bevo National tri-color cockade on a square forest green background. There is no branch of service soutache present but it had one at a time and it was neatly removed. The inside of the cap has a nice condition lightweight canvas lining, which has depot or unit marking that is worn and hard to make out due to use.

The condition of this cap is very good with one or maybe two small moth nips, though there is overall wear to the exterior shell. Much of the fuzzy “nap” on the exterior is missing, except under the side flaps as well as at the top center where the area would have been protected by the folds. The colors are retained quite well, and this is definitely a very attractive and colorful overseas cap with a salty look especially to the front eagle and surely one that saw use. The size marking has worn off but it measures 55 cm at the interior. LH10898