Gebirgsjäger Mountain Troop NCOs Lappland Shield Grouping


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Gebirgsjäger Mountain Troop NCOs Lappland Shield Grouping.  Great grouping to one soldier, includes an original WW2 Lappland shield, 2 metal cap edelweiss badges, two sleeve edelweiss patches, Army cap eagle de-nazified, Army cap wreath, Iron Cross Second Class document to Oberjäger Rach of the 10.Geb.Jäg. 218, awarded Sept 10, 1944, ID Tag 13. / J. G. ERS. KP 69 – this would have been the first unit/training unit he was in, Mountain Troop NCO Shoulder Strap, Iron Cross 2nd Class that has been neatly de-Nazified, a watch fob from the area, a SUOMEN LATU badge from the area which was a sort of service badge, a Mountain troop edelweiss/pick badge and a booklet “Schlappspshuh 1942/43” with an edelweiss on the title page and many images of troops in the area, also rare small style Lappland Award document for ID booklet. LH3651

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