Early Luftwaffe Paratrooper Badge by Assmann


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Early Luftwaffe Paratrooper Badge by Assmann.  This early Luftwaffe Paratrooper Badge is an exquisite example of an extremely desirable award variant made by the premiere firm of F.W Assmann of Lüdenscheid. Assmann made, badges, belt buckles, cap insignia and many of the accouterments worn during the Third Reich and was a prolific maker during the era.  This is the early badge made by Assmann and it is of the highest quality with a tombak eagle and a nickel wreath having a characteristic eagle used only by this maker with the entire piece fitting tightly and the fittings on the back all being original and never being played with and this badge simply being a stunner.  The hardware is textbook for this maker, with a typical barrel hinge and round wire pin and catch.  The rivets are correct, tight, and un-messed with.  This badge has a great look and exceptional eye appeal. The condition rates as excellent and the piece simply has all you can ask for. Some authors have broken down badges by different makers into types and this is known as the type “D” Assmann Paratrooper.  LH12237  OHR

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