Deluxe Forestry Cutlass by Carl Eickhorn


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Deluxe Forestry Cutlass by Carl Eickhorn.  This Forestry Cutlass is in excellent condition. The hilt and scabbard mounts are made of gilded brass. The “D” guard is decorated with raised oak leaves on both sides, which extend out on to the guard. The guard ends in fine, stylized deer hoofs at either end. The grip plates are the deluxe, extra-cost type. They have toned to a fine golden hue, with three gilded acorns on either sides. The scabbard shell is black leather.  This leather remains in excellent shape for its age, being decorated with the standard dual line edge trim. The scabbard mounts are matching gilded brass. The upper mount is equipped with a detailed, gilded acorn lug while the lower mount has a deluxe design featuring a large stag in a forest. The scabbard chape has protruding balls running around the circumference. The staples on the mounts have numbers beneath. The fine, deluxe blade measures 10 1/4 inches and is triple engraved and in excellent shape featuring a whimsical hunting scene. The reverse blade is stamped with the 1935-41 Eickhorn Squirrel trademark. The original blade buffer is in place. This is a really nice piece.  LH4449

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