“AFRIKA” Campaign Cuff Title


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“AFRIKA” Campaign Cuff Title. Great looking “AFRIKA” Campaign Cuff Title that is 13 1/2 inches 34 cm long being a tunic-removed example showing use. This example is made from a khaki brown camel hair material. On January 15th, 1943, Adolf Hitler ordered the introduction of the “AFRIKA” cuff title which had the status of a campaign decoration/award. The award was to be the same for all three branches of the service. The piece was to be 3.3 cm wide and made from a khaki brown camel hair material. The piping was done in silver colored thread. The cuff title was to be worn on the lower left cuff of the tunic and overcoat. In order to be awarded this cuff title the bearer had to have served at least six months on North African soil, or have been wounded in the North African theater of operations, or have contracted an illness in North Africa and with this illness requiring evacuation from the continent. Under the later, circumstance service of at least three months was required before contraction of an illness. The cuff title could also be awarded if the person was killed while on duty in North Africa. In this case only the award document would have been given to the person’s survivors. (os)

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