A Gold Grade Tamgha-e-Bharat (Soldier’s Medal) Azad Hind Medal without Swords


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A Gold Grade Tamgha-e-Bharat (Soldier’s Medal) Azad Hind Medal without Swords. Gilded zinc with most of the gold gone except on the non-zinc ribbon ring fittings, original ribbon. The Tamgha-e-Bharat (Soldier’s Medal) Azad Hind Medal was a medal awarded with swords for valor in combat, and without swords for non-combatants. The Azad Hind decorations were instituted by Subhas Chandra Bose while in Germany, initially for Azad Hind Legion, to be awarded for gallantry in the field of battle. Both Indians and Germans were eligible for the decorations. Later, the same awards were instituted by the Azad Hind government for the Indian National Army during its campaign in South-east Asia. LH5098

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