German Cross in Gold by 134 – Otto Klein


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German Cross in Gold by 134 – Otto Klein.

Stunning and absolutely gorgeous example of a German Cross in Gold being one of the most desirable wartime German combat decorations.  The eye appeal of this one cannot be overstated.  It is a “lightweight” version, with a “CupAl” (bonded copper and aluminum) backplate.  The silvering of the backplate and the chemical darkening to the starburst are nearly completely intact.  The gloss black enamel to the large central swastika is nearly flawless.  The fire gilt on the wreath is basically all there.  The reverse of this exceptional piece exhibits textbook construction, with base plates used under the hinge and catch to reinforce the piece.  I think this cross spent most of its life stored in a display case as the last owner bought it in the 1970s and cherished the cross.  The center of the reverse is marked “134” indicating manufacture by the firm of Otto Klein in Hanau.  The long, broad pin tapers to a point.  The hollow rivets are tight, and every detail is just what one would want to see.  It is not at all easy to find a German Cross in Gold as nice as this one with this piece showing some minor honest wear, the weight is 44.40 grams.  (947ki)  LH12652

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