TeNo – Technischen Nothilfe Cuff Title


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TeNo – Technischen Nothilfe Cuff Title. Excellent example in the bevo weave, 16 inches – 40.5 cm long.

The TeNo, Technischen Nothilfe, (Technical Emergency Corps), was originally established in September 1919, being comprised of trained voluntary civilian personnel to maintain and repair essential services in the event of a natural disaster or emergency. Many of its personnel were ex-service men and a large amount of them had some type of specialized technical training. TeNo was a civilian organization administered by the Minister of the Interior, until mid-1939 when it became an official State organization under control of the Police which in turn was controlled by the SS. With this change in status a small nucleus of salaried Officials were employed to run the organization. During the war TeNo became more and more a para-military organization with its direction being controlled by the Waffen-SS. When TeNo personnel were attached to army units for assistance they were issued with one of two distinctive cufftitles with one cufftitle being worked in bright silver/aluminum threads for wear on the field-grey service tunic and the other cufftitle worked in matte silvery/grey threads for wear on the fatigue and work tunic. LH10830