SS EM/NCO’s Belt Buckle by OVERHOFF AND CIE, Full Name, Name Ground Off Variant


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SS EM/NCO’s Belt Buckle by OVERHOFF AND CIE, Full Name, Name Ground Off Variant. This is an early production SS Enlisted Man’s/Non-Commissioned Officer’s Belt buckle made by the Overhoff firm of Ludenscheid. From 1931 onwards O & C was still the principal maker of this buckle but other makers also began to produce the buckle because of an increasing demand for the SS Enlisted Man’s buckle. This super looking example is made of nickel and is of the earliest quality. This example is known as the “full name version” as the full company name and city are written out in two lines. This writing with the name of the company however was ground off, although you can still make out some of the lettering. Speculation is that these buckles with the ground off text are examples that were bought by other firms to fulfill contractual obligations to the SS. This is an excellent variation for the specialized collector. This piece is in excellent condition for its age. This piece has a pleasing look and is a fine and desirable example.  (91453mm) LH11693  OHM

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