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SA Belt Buckle. Good looking example of two piece construction.

The SA – Sturmabteilung – Storm-troops – were formed in August of 1921 as a protective guard for the political leaders of the Nazi Party – NSDAP and as with the NSDAP, “Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei” (National-socialist German Worker’s Party), having a para-military structure. Most of its recruits were from the ranks of the various “Freikorps” groups of the day that sprung from the aftermath of WW1, composed mainly of unhappy ex-soldiers, and they were first utilized at a Nazi party meeting in Munich in November of 1921.

It is believed that the SA buckle was introduced between 1921 and 1923 not being fully standardized and it came in at least five slight design variations. The SA pattern buckle was originally worn by other Nazi organizations including the SS, the NSKK, the NSBO, and political leaders until they received their own respective buckles. The SA box buckle was officially replaced by the rectangular, open frame, dual claw buckle in April of 1934, and was to be discontinued in 1936, although it was still widely worn. LH10028

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