Hoch und Deutschmeister Stalingrad Kreuz – Stalingrad Cross


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Hoch und Deutschmeister Stalingrad Kreuz – Stalingrad Cross. This famous honorary device was worn by Infantry Regiment 134 ‘Hoch und Deutschemeister’ in recognition of the battle of Stalingrad. Known as the STALINGRADKREUZ – Stalingrad Cross, -The high and German master cross was issued on 23. March 1944 to the members of infantry regiment 134, the Replacement unit and division staff of the HuD Division. The cross and pins are all magnetic as is correct. The piece measures 24.7 mm by 33.3 mm and weighs 2.49 grams, and is a rare original. Excellent and highly sought after. This was a vet family item here in the Northeast and is the only acceptable type that has come out of vet-estate lots. Note how this cross has had the eagle and scroll painted in black, probably by the soldier himself. A fantastic and rare item. LH10882

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