German Reichspost Vehicle Eagle


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German Reichspost Vehicle Eagle.  These are often called Tram or Trolley Eagles but the more correct name is postal eagles as they were used on German Postal buses during the Third Reich.  These eagles are great looking and scarcer than the Railway Reichsbahn eagles. This one has a 16 1/8 inch wingspan and is marked on the reverse with two large “V” letters. Currently it is not known if the V is a maker mark or a proof mark but it is found on some DRB eagles as well. The DRP (Postal) eagles differ from DRB (Railway) eagles in design as well, not just size. Many times, these eagles are found with red painted roundels, which was likely due to the color of the vehicles. They are also found in a camo color and a tropical color as this is due to the buses being repainted as the war progressed and they were driven at the front. The eagle was mounted using 4 threaded screw posts. You can tell from the slight curve of this one that the bird was at first slightly pulled off of the vehicle before a successful removal was finalized without damaging the piece. I have studies this one closely and feel the red paint around the swastika may have been touched up at one time but I can not say with full certainty but the eagle is fully original.  This is a beautiful piece. Aluminum alloy based and painted with crisp details.  A rare original.  LH12014

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