German “Deutsche Reichsbahn” Train Eagle by “PS”, Large 27 1/8 Inch Size


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German “Deutsche Reichsbahn” Train Eagle by “PS”, Large 27 1/8 Inch Size. Great looking eagle that went on a locomotive or passenger car. This eagle measures 27 1/8 inches by 13/ 3/4 inches – 68.9 by 34.9 cm which is the textbook size for the eagles by this maker that have the “680” reverse marking. The detail on this eagle is most fine, crisp and correct. The eagle is well marked on the reverse with the markings representing the maker, the central rail office in Berlin and the metallic content of the piece. This one has a clear proof mark on the head of the eagle which will be found at times. There is a finely machined hole at the swastika area and close study indicates that this was not done by the vet but at the time of the attachment of the eagle to the locomotive or passenger car to facilitate placement to where it sat as there was likely something that protruded on the body of where the eagle rested and the hole facilitated placement. The reverse has red paint that appears to be original to the wartime era. I have seen wartime images of eagles that protrude as much as 7 inches from a locomotive with an odd mounting assembly and this may be one of those. The red paint on the reverse could have been added to help with cleaning. This is a woodwork find earlier from this year. Excellent and rare! (127go) LH4739

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