Far Right Civil Guard Einwohner Wehr Munchen 1919 Armband – Munich Freikorps


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Far Right Civil Guard Einwohner Wehr Munchen 1919 Armband. (Munich Freikorps) The Einwohnerwehr, or “Citizens’ Defense,” also called the Civil Guard or Civil Defense, was a far-right paramilitary organization in Weimar Germany that existed in violation of the Treaty of Versailles from the German Revolution of 1918-19 until June 29, 1921. It was established with the goal of defending Germany against Communist uprisings and foreign attacks, though it was also hostile to the Weimar Republic. It was based in Bavaria, where anti-Berlin and anti-republican sentiment attracted such activity. On June 29, 1921, the German government gave in to Allied demands and dissolved the Citizens’ Defense. Its militants moved on to fight in other far-right paramilitaries with similar goals. Great piece with ink stamp and shield! This is from the Munich unit.

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