Brandenburg Cuff Title


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Brandenburg Cuff Title.

Worn by members of the Division Brandenburg z.b.V. 800/Sonderverband Brandenburg. Part of the division were the legendary army paratroopers.

The Brandenburgers (German: Brandenburger) were members of the Brandenburg German special forces unit during World War II.

Originally, the unit was formed by and operated as an extension of the military’s intelligence organ, the Abwehr. Members of this unit took part in seizing operationally important targets by way of sabotage and infiltration. Being foreign German nationals who were dedicated Nazi volunteers, constituent members had lived abroad and were proficient in foreign languages as well as being familiar with the way of life in the area of operations where they were deployed.

The Brandenburg Division was generally subordinated to the army groups in individual commands and operated throughout Eastern Europe, in northern Africa, Afghanistan, the Middle East and in the Caucasus. In the later course of the war, parts of the special unit were used in Bandenbekämpfung operations against partisans in Yugoslavia before the division was reclassified and merged into one of the Panzergrenadier divisions in the last months of the war. They committed various atrocities in the course of their operations.

A dark green wool band with machine-embroidered letters in cotton threads. White piping to the top and bottom. Tunic removed and showing use.  45 cm – 17 3/4 inches long.  (2146ee) Beautiful and rare and from an elite special forces German unit.  LH11334  OHT

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