Army/Waffen-SS Field Police Gorget by J.C. Maedicke.


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Army/Waffen-SS Field Police Gorget by J.C. Maedicke.

Good looking Army/Waffen-SS Field Police (Feldgendarmerie) Service Gorget showing wear to the front emblems caused by poor storage. The Feldgendarmerie scroll on this gorget was loose and the was repaired by having pins attached and reinstalled through the reverse holes. Maker marked on both reverse fittings.

This gorget first appeared in 1938. The field police (military police) performed such duties as traffic control, guarding of supply and ammo dumps and local patrol service. The Feldgendarmerie units ranged from company to battalion strength and served on all fronts from Europe to North Africa. The gorget was worn at all times while on duty except when combat operations made this impossible. The Feldgendarmerie also had a special cuffband, with the SS units getting their own style cuffband later in the war. Marked “M” on the center reverse fitting for the firm of J.C. Maedicke. LH10850

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