Anti Partisan Warfare Badge Bronze Grade


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Anti Partisan Warfare Badge Bronze Grade. This example is in excellent shape and if you have the Scapini book on these it is known as the type “2.1.”. The dimensions are 58.6 by 49.5 mm and the weight is 27.91 grams, all textbook and correct. The piece features all the die-flaws presented in the book. The pin is magnetic, while the hinge and catch are not. A rare and beautiful badge.

The Anti-Partisan Badge (Bandit-warfare Badge – Bandenkampfabzeichen) was instituted by a decree of Hitler on January 29, 1944 after authorization/recommendation by Heinrich Himmler. Hitler created the badge to recognize the combat actions of the German troops who were facing an ever-more organized and constantly more dangerous partisan war. The Anti-Partisan Badge was to recognize military accomplishments and personal bravery. There were three grades of this award: Bronze, for 20 combat days, Silver, for 50 combat days nd Gold for 100 combat days against partisans. To qualify as a combat day, a soldier had to be engaged in close combat with the enemy; for soldiers deployed as Infantry, “man against” man combat was specified. The criteria for Luftwaffe members was also based on combat days. Flight crews could earn combat days for carrying out successful missions during which they took fire from partisan enemy. The downing of a partisan aircraft was tallied as 3 combat days. SS-Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler reserved the right to personally award the gold grade of this award. The Anti-Partisan badge was awarded to members of the German Army, Luftwaffe, Ordnungspolizei and Waffen-SS. LH10908

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